ERP and BPM with BI: When 1+1+1=4

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Business Intelligence – with implementation of an ERP system & overlaying BPM, you can harness your centralized data is the big strategic advantage.

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Solutions360, PSA Software Leader, Celebrates 25 Years of Enterprise Software Innovation

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Solutions360, the market-leading professional services automation software company, is celebrating its Silver Anniversary in 2013. For 25 years, customers have depended on Solutions360 psa software to help run and grow their businesses. Solutions360 has led the industry across North America since the company first started development from humble premises in Ontario in 1988. Twenty-five years later, innovation is still at the heart of Solutions360, one of the psa software industry’s most respected and well known companies. The original ethos of the company was a commitment […]

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Proud Sponsor of NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference

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  Mark the Calendar: February 21st – 23rd Join industry business owners and managers at the premier conference for electronic systems integrators to transform through a variety of new strategies to improve your business performance and compare notes with your industry peers on what works and what doesn’t. Glance at the many reasons why this year shouldn’t be missed: Want to go for free? SUBMIT your application. Heard of Keynote Peter Sheahan? READ about him. NSCA has a secret, want to know? WATCH the video. Ever heard of […]

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Job Costing Survival Guide Introduced by Business Process Management Leader, Solutions360,

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Job Costing Survival Guide Introduced by Business Process Management Leader, Solutions360,

New Job Costing Survival Guide Illuminates Best Practices and Helps Businesses Assess their Current Job Costing Process to Ultimately Improve Project Profit Margins   Newmarket, Ontario – December 2012 – Solutions360, a leader in business process management and PSA software solutions, is excited to introduce The Job Costing Survival Guide. Solutions360 works with businesses to drive growth, profit and efficiency by sharing best practices in the areas of achieving business growth, automating operations, improving financial management and increasing project profitability. The Job Costing Survival Guide […]

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Are you terrified of implementing new software in your business?

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Implementing New Software or a Root Canal? If you asked a technology integration business owner whether they would rather have a root canal performed or implement new software in their business, they’d likely opt for the root canal. The thought of reviewing options and then literally, turning operations on its ear to put in a new system is overwhelming at best; fraught with risk at worst. Many business owners will agree that the point of reviewing operations to see what can be streamlined and improved […]

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Our Systems are Integrated… Really?

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As I review “As Is” business processes at new mid-size customers I constantly run into applications that claimed to be “integrated”.  Customers have environments that have integrated CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Job Costing, Project Management, etc.  However, rarely are these software systems truly integrated.  Behind the thin veil of “integration” is often a mess of data batching, incongruent information, orphaned data, re-keying of information and always lots and lots of spreadsheets cobbled together to try and make sense of it.   But the marketplace is full of […]

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Have you ever considered the cost of paper to your business?

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The amount of paper used by businesses today is staggering. While the movement towards a paperless office has picked up over the past decade, there are still many ways you can reduce paper consumption. The reality is: often paperless is truly just less paper, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  While the environmental impact of paper is fairly well known, just how much is that paper sitting around your office actually costing you? has some great information on this but some of the more surprising […]

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