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Posted on May 6, 2013 in Achieve Business Growth ,Automate Operations ,Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

How Benchmarking and Best Practices Can Improve Your Business Business as usual is not working. With the various pressures that today’s systems integrators are experiencing, companies must look beyond what they’ve done before, because doing the same thing and getting the same results no longer cuts it when markets are evolving so quickly. The vision of NSCA’s partnership with Solutions360 is a simple one. Using NSCA’s Best Practices and Standards and Solutions360’s Business Management System will allow member companies to take a holistic approach to help improve all facets of their business. This is […]

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ERP and BPM with BI: When 1+1+1=4

Posted on January 23, 2013 in Achieve Business Growth ,Automate Operations ,Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

Business Intelligence – with implementation of an ERP system & overlaying BPM, you can harness your centralized data is the big strategic advantage.

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Are you terrified of implementing new software in your business?

Posted on November 28, 2012 in Achieve Business Growth ,Automate Operations ,Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

Implementing New Software or a Root Canal? If you asked a technology integration business owner whether they would rather have a root canal performed or implement new software in their business, they’d likely opt for the root canal. The thought of reviewing options and then literally, turning operations on its ear to put in a new system is overwhelming at best; fraught with risk at worst. Many business owners will agree that the point of reviewing operations to see what can be streamlined and improved […]

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Are you missing out on a potential 2012 tax credit? Don’t leave money on the table

Posted on September 10, 2012 in Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

Businesses have significant reasons to acquire and install capital equipment and software before the end of 2012 thanks to the Tax Relief Act of 2010 and the Small Business Jobs Act. Also, because the allowable Section 179 deduction is expected to be reduced to $25,000 in 2013, it’s important to plan now to maximize these benefits in 2012. Highlights for tax benefits:  The allowable Section 179 deduction has been extended to $125,000 on the cost of new and used equipment purchased and may be adjusted […]

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The Importance of Project Accounting in Professional Services Organizations

Posted on July 14, 2012 in Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

Project Accounting, sometimes referred to as job cost accounting, is the practice of creating financials specifically to track the financial progress of projects.  Project Accounting enables the professional services organization to monitor the progress of their projects from a financial position, separately from standard organizational accounting such as by departments, divisions or by company, which are tracked over time periods, typically weeks, months, quarters or years.  Projects frequently cross these boundaries as they may last from a few days to years. Most companies invest a […]

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How to Use Software to Help Weather the Economic Downturn

Posted on July 13, 2012 in Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

Focus on “Faster and Better”. Every asset, machine, tool and person you have must be accountable and cycle more quickly. Your business cannot survive unless you know where your resources are and how they can be used efficiently. Imagine being able to view where your people and equipment are at any moment so that you can plan to intelligently dispatch them to the next job. Take a Proactive Approach. Under normal circumstances a business owner will review financial information, overhead and direct operating margin at […]

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Gaining an Edge: Don’t Tolerate Slow Financial Processes

Posted on July 13, 2012 in Blog ,Improve Financial Management by

++Referenced from Big Fat Finance Blog++ Mary Driscoll December 20th, 2010 The never-ending pursuit of cost reduction in financial management operations is all well and good — but do not overlook the negative impacts of slow process cycle times. APQC research conducted during the fourth quarter of 2010 points to renewed enthusiasm among CFOs and controllers for investing in financial process improvement, with another round of cost elimination being the primary goal. Particularly in the area of accounts payable, we see large organizations taking steps […]

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