Track Your Company`s Vital Statistics with Dashboards

Looking in the rear view mirror is no way to drive and it`s no way to run your business. Using dash-boards in Q360™ is like moving your eyes from the mirror to a heads-up view of your speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, all the critical operating indicators of a smooth running automobile or business. Q360™ dashboards give you a real-time graphical presentation of where your company is, providing you real business intelligence.  With quick drill-down you can compare where you are with the same date last month, the month before last or last year.  This is a powerful tool.

Q360™ dash-boards transform every piece of raw data about your company into useful, actionable information.  You can now have problem areas clearly presented to you, rather than waiting for reports or digging through analysis from disparate systems.  You have the added ability to tie together information from every corner of the organization and compare it in ways that typically are too difficult to pull together.  Know how work being done in one department will affect you later on, head off problems before they become critical, empower yourself for constant improvement.

Use Q360™ dash-boards to view year to date income by customer, income statements across months, bank balances, new leads, projects overdue, support ticket aging, aged receivables by customer, the list is endless.   Because Q360™ replaces all the systems you have in place now you can get the big-picture view of your company through real-time dependable information.

Dash-boards are not only for your management team to keep tabs on the business, but also for your front-line staff to quickly show where their work is at.  They get real-time views of their department and personal key performance indicators and score cards.

With time spent acting on information rather than waiting for it to be gathered and compiled puts you in a competitive advantage.

  • User-level customization and permissions
  • Drill-down to raw data and charts
  • Connectivity to all database tables
  • Real-time or periodic refresh rates on the same dash-board

Skilled pilots are able to process information from a large number of indicators to navigate their aircraft.  Managers, like pilots, need instrumentation about many aspects of their environment and performance to monitor the journey toward excellent future outcomes”. 

From  “Translating Strategy into Action: The Balanced Scorecard” by Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton

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