Can’t Decide Whether to Love or Hate Service Agreements? You’re Not Alone

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The following is a excerpt of a post by Christopher Neto of AVShout At Your Service Can’t Decide Whether to Love or Hate Service Agreements? You’re Not Alone  By Christopher Neto It has many names—a service maintenance agreement, a fixed-price support contract, a service level agreement, a maintenance contract, a service contract, or even an extended warranty (although this term can be limiting). The basics are that service agreements were originally developed as the insurance policy for products and services. For the customer it gave them piece […]

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Have you Experienced Project Management Miscommunication?

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Does this picture remind you of your last project?  This is one of my favorite comic strips about project management communication, or miscommunication.  I first came across this comic strip about 6 years ago, it was posted outside of a cubical at a new client site.  I thought it poignantly demonstrated how easily miscommunication can occur in a project. — Click on the image to see a full view– Whenever you have a team of people working together for a common cause, it becomes imperative […]

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting the Right Software

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Things to ask yourself before signing the bottom line Before you make the commitment to any professional services automation software, you first need to answer several questions about what your organization needs and wants to accomplish as a result of implementing a software solution.  The answers will help you best determine the right solution and the specific functionality you will require to reach your goals. Does the management team support the project?  Were they involved in identifying problem areas in the existing business processes?  Were they part of the […]

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Business Intelligence to Another Level

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Business Intelligence to Another Level

Troy Sorzano, Director of IT at Expert Technology Associates shares some of the cool things he and his team are doing with Q360 Professional Services Automation Software. On another note I wanted to show you some cool SQL reports Bill has been creating.  He has been making drill down reports that are not the standard List drill-to-Form relationship and at the same time he has been supplying subtotals and groups in the reports so you don’t have to select a column to add them up, […]

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