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Sales Management

Q360™ is a single unified professional services automation software package that delivers a consistent user experience and provides company wide access to accurate timely information about your business.

How Does it work?

This data centric, comprehensive approach allows every team member the chance to make more insightful and profitable business decisions which results in delivery of superior levels of customer service in a more efficient manner.

Our customers are innovative, high growth companies eager for a truly unified solution like Q360™. PSA – Professional Service Automation along with best practices delivers improvements in the customer experience, optimizes operations, strengthens sales and marketing and drives more profit.

If you are an Integrator with need for professional services automation software and this sounds like your business, give us a call and we’ll have a quick discussion on what’s happening in your organization and how we’ve helped businesses like yours. We are the experts in this market and we implement the tools and processes to help remove the obstacles in your growing construction company. Our team of experts will transition you from status quo to better visibility and improved business results.

Q360™ is an single system that is a queue-based, professional services automation workflow application designed for your business to:


Contact Management

Integrated Customer Relationship Management provides you with critical customer information within the context of their overall experience with your business.

Q360™ with its single database eliminates duplicate data entry and gives your staff complete visibility into a customer’s information from a salesserviceproject management and accounting perspective. 

Sales Opportunity Management

Margins are shrinking on material so any unnecessary time spent in your warehouse or not in possession of the customer is a waste of money.   Another growing area of expense is with unnecessary shipping.  One contributing factor to this waste is the disconnect between the Project Management Office and Accounting‘s procurement team.    This disconnect often leads to material being purchased to early on a project or the wrong material being pre-ordered before engineering work is finalized.

Quote & Proposal Generation

Does every call from your banker start a financial reporting race?

Q360™ supplies Project Accounting that connects project tasks to company financials. Q360™ is a Business Process Management (BPM) tool that does accounting — Not an accounting tool that tries to support and manage a business.

Document Management

One of the biggest contributors to reduced cash flow is a delayed billing cycle. In a business that makes its money through Professional Services a pinch point is often the bridge between operations and the finance department.  As more business units have to account for their own gross profit, time is being split in more complex models. Time must be categorized between one-off project work, service contract and other forms of recurring revenue, block time and other creative new billing scenarios.

Workflow Management

Business process management and workflow are the backbone of Q360™ and your business.

In order to grow successfully you must define well thought-out procedures and processes within as well as across departments. These processes support your staff to perform work in a repeatable best practice dynamically across salesproject managementoperations and accounting functions.

Our business is in growth mode and when we tried to get data from the CRM program, the project management system and accounting system to get a clear view of the business, I couldn’t trust the numbers. [Now we can.]

Kelly McCarthy, CEO of Genesis Integration