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Mobile Field Service

Your Field Service Technicians are revenue generators, don’t tie them to the office or cut them off altogether

How Does it work?

Facilitating efficiency and driving more gross profit per hour to your field technicians is one of the areas of your business that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Your field technicians need to have critical service (and project task) information and customer details and history at their fingertips no matter where they are.

Using a flexible web portal to show relevant data to fix a problem quickly with the right parts is the key to gaining these efficiencies. And accessing from any type of device provides the flexibility to capture more information consistently.

Are you still relying on paper based service tickets and time sheets? When measured people are surprised at not only how inefficient this model of operating is, but shocked at the leaks in the process. Missing worksheets that never get handed in. Huge lags in entering time and cost overruns into a separate accounting system, not to mention the inability to affect employee utilization and productivity rates.

What if your feedback loop could be pushed to real-time or even to a daily cycle? Imagine distributing jobs using an electronic resource console, filling in every time slot with the technicians with the right skills to have the ability to use mapping software integration to minimize travel time and the other costs associated with rolling a truck? Imagine providing the technician information about the customer’s location, physical premises, and system details, all up to date and accurate. Then as the technician is doing the work they are entering notes and their time directly into the same system, the same database that everyone back at the office is using.

The Business Process Management approach with Q360™ provides the holistic view of the customer throughout every touch point – sales process through to post implementation customer care.

Q360™ will help your field service department increase a technician’s productivity, heighten customer satisfaction, reduce operation costs, and improve profitability by ensuring that the data from which service people make their decisions is accurate and up to date. Because of our single platform approach everyone is entering and retrieving information into one place to ensure timely and accurate workflow.

This better communication between departments results in enhanced customer satisfaction, which helps bolster your reputation and brand in the market place.

TwinState Voice Data and Video

By tracking our time, ensuring that each technician accounts for their 8 hour shift and then maximizing the recoverable time and revenue we were able to pull down $150,000 directly to our bottom line. We had the ability to show each technician their impact on the business and everyone improved, everyone was able to see the results of their hard work. The operations department needed less management, as a team they were managing themselves. This type of impact has allowed TwinState Voice Data and Video to grow in a controlled manner and has allowed us to fund our own growth through increased profits.