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Inspections & Deficiencies

Your Inspectors are revenue generators, so streamlining your field and back-office processes drives profitability!

How Does it work?

Easily generate new inspection forms, dispatch, and complete inspections from an easy-to-use application that instantly syncs back to the office.

Q360’s Q-forms is an application that lives within the overall ERP platform giving your field technicians seamless access to real-time information.

Q-forms is an integral part of the our purpose build ERP platform, allowing the seamless interaction of field inspectors and office administrators. Automated processes around inspection report creation and deficiency workflow allowing your staff to maximize their productivity.

Disconnected systems create errors, time lags in entering information which result in poor decision making which leaks profitability. 

Easily submit inspection results and save all deficiency images for instant follow up and quoting back in the office.

Imagine distributing jobs using a digital, skills-driven resource console, filling in every time slot with the technicians with the right skills and track real-time job costing so you can see profit by inspection, call, contract or customer and segment of customers.

Software for Fire and Life Safety Protection

Q360 enables Fire and Life Safety protection contractors to streamline their operations comprehensively using a single software platform. This end-to-end solution integrates all functions from quoting to cash collection, ensuring that operations are managed from a central point.

Q360 offers the following capabilities within a unified software environment:

Enhanced Recurring Inspection Management:

Improved Inspection Scheduling:

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Advanced Deficiency Management:

Streamlined Time & Material Work Order Management:

Improved Billing and Collection Processes:

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The Business Process Management approach with Q360™ provides the holistic view of the customer throughout every touch point – from sales to installation through to inspections and service.

Q360™ will help your field service department increase technicians productivity, increase customer satisfaction, reduce operation costs, and improve profitability by ensuring that the data from which service people make their decisions is accurate and up to date. Because of our single platform approach everyone is entering and retrieving information into one place to ensure timely and accurate workflow.

This better communication between departments results in enhanced customer satisfaction, which helps bolster your reputation and brand in the market place.

TwinState Voice Data and Video

By tracking our time, ensuring that each technician accounts for their 8 hour shift and then maximizing the recoverable time and revenue we were able to pull down $150,000 directly to our bottom line. We had the ability to show each technician their impact on the business and everyone improved, everyone was able to see the results of their hard work. The operations department needed less management, as a team they were managing themselves. This type of impact has allowed TwinState Voice Data and Video to grow in a controlled manner and has allowed us to fund our own growth through increased profits.