Contact Management

Integrated Customer Relationship Management provides you with critical customer information within the context of their overall experience with your business.

How Does it work?

Q360™ with its single database eliminates duplicate data entry and gives your staff complete visibility into a customer’s information from a salesserviceproject management and accounting perspective. Building up data on accounts typically starts with information being entered by the sales department. This information is the genesis of all the other information related to a prospect, customer or vendor’s relationship with your company.

The original information entered from a business contact is simply built upon as the account moves through your business workflow throughout Q360™. With a holistic view of the customer you can see their overall satisfaction through survey results, their overall profitability from project work, from service calls, from their service level agreements and from their product purchases, you can see their full experience and make better decisions serving both your customer and your bottom line.

This single view into the database gives those in operations and accounting complete visibility into what is happening in the sales cycle, giving them a validated forecast that can be depended upon for resource and financial planning to support new business being closed. When the sales process lives in a silo there is an inherent risk that operations won’t be prepared for the opportunities that are closing. There may be deals that require special resourcing or scheduling or they may require special financing that could represent large risks if they are not identified and dealt with long before they close. Having line of sight by all managers across the organization reduces surprises and creates a smoother workflow throughout the organization. This high level perspective is something you can scale a business on.

Providing Better Clarity and Stronger Relationships

Bottom Line

As a customer’s relationship matures with the rest of your organization; accounting, service and operations for example, the full spectrum of information can be visible to all requiring it, giving them a true 360 degree view of their customer’s experience as they touch various aspects of your organization.