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Task Management

Q360™ fully automates task creation, task visualization, notifications, resource assignments, check list tracking and reporting.

How Does it work?

Task creation allows you to turn your ideas into actions (tasks).  Providing visualization to tasks encompasses listing tasks in chronological lists or Gantt charts.  

Prioritizing tasks can be set by status, priority value, budget, time and persons responsible.   Notifications provide insight into past, present and pending deadlines in the project.

Because tasks and projects are an integral part of Q360™, information is pulled in and disseminated from all areas of operationssales and accounting.  Project managers are given unprecedented visibility into how well the project is being executed from delivery time lines and a financial stand point.  Accountability is given to those that have the ability to affect the outcome.

Work in Progress

Q360™ with its project management tools driving accounting, eliminates the arduous task of manually calculating work in progress and job cost percentage complete.

Q360™ automatically identifies the value of construction projects that are currently being worked on.  To properly account for each project; four values need to be tracked:

By taking the Costs-To-Date divided by the Cost Estimate, the “percentage complete” for the project is automatically calculated in Q360™.

Bottom Line

Task management within Q360™ projects not only manages the on-time delivery of projects it also drives the financial accounting of projects as your team executes. The matching principle of tying revenues and their direct costs is automatically managed by Q360™.