Workflow Management

Business process management and workflow are the backbone of Q360™ and your business.

How Does it work?

In order to grow successfully you must define well thought-out procedures and processes within as well as across departments. These processes support your staff to perform work in a repeatable best practice dynamically across salesproject managementoperations and accounting functions.

Q360™ comes into play when you reach the point of growth where it makes sense to systematize your processes. Q360™ allows you to combine management and technology to focus on the alignment of your organization behind your strategy. This holistic approach to managing your business promotes your staff and organization to new levels of effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration.

Workflow is the visual representation of your business processes. Whether it be a quotation that moves from data entry, through approval to customer review to conversion to a work order or a service ticket that moves through an escalation process. Visually seeing status changes and “movement” through the organization allows staff to easily monitor and be presented with exceptions to the rules, essentially turning your organization from a reactive to preemptive operating model.

Business process management is the collection of structured activities that generate revenue by delivering value-added products and services to clients is the most efficient model imaginable. Q360™ is the solution supporting and driving this strategy for our clients.

Bottom Line

Q360™ is the platform to allow your management team to improve business processes continuously; what our customers like to call “a process optimization process”.