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Q360™ Supporting Our Customer’s Vision – Customization

Many software companies talk about flexibility or scalability. Solutions360 can truly make this claim. The foundation of our Q360™platform is designed to handle all aspects of a service-based business from sales to project management to project accounting and finally to service dispatch for maintenance and support. While all of our customers come to us with the vision of “one system to manage the whole business”, this means something slightly different to every customer and so it’s important for our product to be flexible, customizable but most importantly scalable. Our customer’s rely on us to ensure the workflow or reports they haven’t even thought of yet can be tailored in the system all of which need to survive upgrades.

How We Achieve One View

The Q360™ code is written so that the business rules and workflow logic of transactions are in the database in clear, easy-to-read stored procedures.  The database objects (tables, columns, views, stored procedures) have names that make sense.  This makes even difficult processes easy to follow and understand.  Let’s say you wanted to trigger typically an unrelated event whenever an invoice is posted.  Just look in a stored procedure called “post_invoice” to see all of its attributes and that it’s dealing mainly with a table called Invoice.  And with all the non-visual aspects of the application maintained in stored procedures, it makes sense and you can control it all.

Upgrade Survivability

As you examine each stored procedure, you will notice that it is written in a way that when we send a new version of the stored procedure, your modifications remain intact.  Our updates seldom impact your modifications, as long as you follow our simple published standards.

Reporting Made Easy

Want to issue a report quickly? Your CFO can have a custom report in minutes in order to get at data for the next board meeting or special month-end report.  Just write the SQL SELECT statement, save it and give permissions to the right users.  That’s it.  Nothing else required.  If you want to add a few features to it, like color, just add a few more columns to the SELECT statement.  All these reports automatically have email, pdf and MS/Excel integration as soon as you run it.  Dynamic and prompted filtering are supported as well as other features, just from a simple select statement.  Want to add a report to the customer web portal, just set the permission.

Form Building Tool

Our form building tool is easy to use and only requires knowledge of programming concepts, not any specific programming language.  But if you really want to go beyond the boundaries, you can write your own code.  Since these are your own forms, new updates will have no impact on them.

Want to change an existing form?  For the most common changes that people want, we have thought of generic methods to create them with little or no programming required.  Occasionally, some people may need more extensive changes to the visual aspects of the application.  In these cases, we provide access to a full featured programming language to modify the existing forms.  Once again, modifications will survive version updates.

The number of ways of tailoring this application to align to your own unique processes or even future needs is easy and is constantly evolving.   Easily change or add your own graphical workflow or dashboards.  Want to have it drill into that summary report you did earlier?  Easy.  The results from the summary report can also be summarized in the workflow diagram.

Q360™ is a single system that is a queue-based workflow application designed for and can be tailored for, your business.

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