Sales Opportunity Management

The sales opportunity management methodology in Q360™ is based upon solution selling best practices.

How Does it work?

Sales automation successfully objectifies the process of qualifying and then providing the steps to maximize the probability of closing that qualified lead. No other system or tool can provide this level of process along with high levels of adoption from sales teams.

Q360™ allows the sales team to follow the discipline of selling with less effort than most manual or standalone systems. As the sales person progresses through the sale they are following a specific road map of best practices tailored to each of your lines of business. As they go through each step they are able to add information and documents to the sales opportunity, building and backing up the stages right through to a seamless hand off to operations for project management of the installation team to take over. Whether you are a veteran sales professional or new to the sales team you are following the best practices workflow for the effective process for each solution type you are selling.

Bottom Line

With Q360™ sales opportunity management methodologies you take the guesswork out of the sales and turn it into strategic sales, providing your team the tool to exceed quota each and every year.