Operations Management

Tired of a piece meal solution?

How Does it work?

The goal of your Operations group is to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Relying on spreadsheets and file folders to track your projectsclients, technicians or inventory is no longer efficient in today’s business climate. Although some applications claim to facilitate workflow, why are spreadsheets still used?

Q360™ is a Professional Services Automation application that facilitates the work of moving information from one to many departments and back again as many times as required, adding value to information at each step, creating complete visibility to allow Operations to maintain the highest profitability and efficiency as possible.

This cohesive single system keeps everyone in the loop including, Finance, Project Management and Service Teams. No more running reports to just re-enter the information into a stand-alone accounting system or having to re-key data into spreadsheets for the service department.


Mobile Field Service

Your Field Service Technicians are revenue generators, don’t tie them to the office or cut them off altogether.

Facilitating efficiency and driving more gross profit per hour to your field technicians is one of the areas of your business that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Your field technicians need to have critical service (and project task) information and customer details and history at their fingertips no matter where they are. 

Resource Scheduling

Resource scheduling practices can make or break your margins. 

Q360™ customers are given the tools to manage scheduling and dispatching intelligently. Know what technicians are already scheduled and which ones are available in the area as well as who has the skill set to do the job correctly. The tools to know if the problem at hand requires a truck to roll, a subcontractor dispatched or if remote access will fix the issue.

Service Dispatch Automation

Providing consistent superior service in today’s market is expected.

It is no longer enough to say you offer superior customer service, you must deliver more while doing it at less cost. Looking for ways to automate the workflow of creating and managing calls is where you’ll pick up efficiencies. By using an escalation workflow you can better track service level objectives to meet the requirement of high level of service, by automatically opening up a ticket or better yet, have the faltering system open up its own ticket, gives you more efficiency and ultimately more margin.

Service Level Agreements

Maintenance contracts and service level agreements are core parts of the service side of your business.

Measuring to make sure technicians are tracking all their time, making sure the most appropriate resource is used for each job and measuring profitability as it happens allows you to make better, more informed business decisions.

Work Order & Inventory Management

Too much material in stock means you are carrying big numbers in inventory. Too little and your customer service wanes.

You need a single platform to track and manage all aspects of your business. Automating your workorder processing ensures you are billing for parts correctly and accounting for parts used for warranty and service contract work as well as new job material usage.

Q360™ addresses these needs

Instead of just automating segregated processes, Q360™’s functionality enables your entire team to see a complete picture of the business as work migrates through the sales process through to projects, accounting, inventory and ultimately client care. Your business becomes holistically automated allowing the optimal level of visibly and profitability.