How can systems integrators achieve sustainable growth?

integrators achieve sustainable growth“I think our biggest challenge in this industry is resources,” says Jay Rogina, Principal at Spinitar. “We need resources all the way through from the account management to the installation. How is that done? Education. We need education starting in the high schools, education all the way through colleges, with on the job training, and a lot of internships. So that’s one way, and that’s one of the biggest challenges, I believe, that we have in this industry. Growing at 6% or better annually is going to be tough for all of us.”


“The other thing you have to have is good tools,” Rogina reports. “You need the right management tools, which are going to help you run your business. Some great KPIs, and a great tool like Solutions360 ERP software. Q360 is a phenomenal back-end, front-end ERP system that really helps Spinitar manage our projects. Now we know where we stand in terms of profitability day-to-day on every one of our projects.”

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These are just two of the hot button issues integrators will be talking about at NSCA’s upcoming Pivot to Profit event, happening September 24th and 25th in Dallas.

“The key tenets behind Pivot to Profit are embracing disruption in the integration space, and helping systems integrators transform their business,” says Mike Abernathy, Director of Business Resources at NSCA. “We look at things like recurring revenue and selling services. But also other innovations that are affecting how integration companies conduct their business. As well as looking at opportunities, new technology, best business practices, and so forth.”

Join us at Pivot to Profit, September 24th and 25th where Solutions360 looks forward to talking with integrators about how you can achieve sustainable growth.

If you can come a day early, join us on Monday September 23rd for the Ignite Golf Tournament where we’ll raise funds to really find those next generation talent in our industry.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

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