Troy Sorzano, Director of IT at Expert Technology Associates shares some of the cool things he and his team are doing with Q360 Professional Services Automation Software.

On another note I wanted to show you some cool SQL reports Bill has been creating.  He has been making drill down reports that are not the standard List drill-to-Form relationship and at the same time he has been supplying subtotals and groups in the reports so you don’t have to select a column to add them up, which unto it self is powerful.  Also the drill through calls new SQL reports or forms depending on the row data selected so we can cascade these reports to whatever degree we need.  Here’s an example:

To the right is one SQL report that shows new customers by month, year and grand total at the bottom of the SQL report

When you drill in to a month you get the detail list of new customers for the month, shown on the left.  A no brainer.

But when you drill into the year subtotal you get the # customers by line of business for the year, as seen on the right.  This is cool!

Then you can drill down to the detail list of customers for the Line of Business for that year.