customers want AV-as-a-Service

We have been talking a lot lately about the benefits of embracing the AV-as-a-Service business model. But, this is not a new concept, it is just fairly new to the AV space.

“Customers are already consuming other technology that way, because it’s being sold like that by vendors in other technology verticals,” says Chad Sowers, Director of Business Development for GreatAmerica Financial Services. “Now, customers are starting to expect the same from AV, and that’s where GreatAmerica comes in. We can essentially be your bank on that.”

Now, integrators do not have to take their money and cash flow, and tie it up in equipment. GreatAmerica can carry the risk. This will make it easier for integrators to bundle in maintenance, services, remote monitoring and help desk or any other services the integrator offers.

“Under this paradigm, the integrators becomes a solution provider, offering a complete package to the customer,” says Sowers. “And there is zero cost barrier to entry, because the customer doesn’t have to write a big check up front for the capital expense. As AV integrators start to grow their services offering, and add more tools to their belt, this can help build recurring revenue.”

Now that you are convinced AV-as-a-Service is a good idea…

How Do You Bring Your AVaaS Offer to Market?

We will cover all this and much more in our free webinar on Tuesday, November 19. Presented by GreatAmerica and Solutions360, in partnership with NSCA.

After a brief explanation of how AVaaS works, this webinar maps out the four steps you need to follow in order to bring your AVaaS offering to market:

  • Create your offer

  • Promote your offer

  • Train your sales team

  • Update your tools

In the webinar, you will also learn how Solutions360 has partnered with GreatAmerica to make it easier for integrators to embrace AV-as-a-Service. Now you can present the customer with a cash price, or a finance price, for anywhere from 12 to 60 months.

If you would like more information on AV-as-a-Service, watch our video series with GreatAmerica on our YouTube channel.


Yes, Your Customers Want AV-as-a-Service!


See how GreatAmerica allows Q360 users to quote financing options with the click of a few buttons!

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