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Introducing D-Tools Product Library Collaboration

We are excited to announce that Solutions360 now supports D-Tools’ Product Library! As part of our commitment to becoming our customers’ most valued business partner, we have leveraged our relationship with D-Tools to give our customers access to their extensive supplier catalog. This allows our customers to have reliable costing information when building quotes, orders, and purchase orders in Q360.

What is the D-Tools Product Library?

D-Tools has an extensive and integrated library of products from leading manufacturers and distributors. It offers a vast range of options, including vendor-specific pricing for an ever-growing number of brands. With this offering, you will be able to leverage the power of D-Tools to reduce administration time, updating and maintaining price lists while ensuring accurate pricing for your projects. 

Key Benefits of the D-Tools/Q360 product library:

  1. Extensive Product Library: Gain access to a comprehensive library of products from top manufacturers and distributors expanding and bolstering your product offerings.

  2. Simplified Catalog Management: greatlyreduce manual catalog updates. With theD-Tools catalog, product information is automatically accessible, ensuring you have the most up-to-date pricing at your fingertips.

  3. Dealer-Specific Pricing: Enjoy the advantage of dealer-specific pricing for a wide range of brands, empowering you to provide accurate and competitive pricing to your clients.

  4. Accurate Pricing and Cost Control: The integration eliminates pricing discrepancies and ensures accurate cost calculations, preventing potential revenue loss due to human errors.

Get Started with the D-Tools product library available within Q360 today!

To learn more about this offering and how it can transform the administrative overhead of pricelist maintenance within your organization, speak with your Q360 representative.


Cost structure will include set-up and subscription fees through D-Tools and configuration and support fees throughSolutions360.

Q360™ addresses these needs

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