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Brad Malone and Brad Dempsey recently sat down to discuss ERP implementation readiness, and the growing partnership between Navigate Management Consulting and Solutions360.

An ERP implementation is not something a company does every year; it is a big change, and a lot of that change involves culture. “It involves their existing processes,” according to Malone, “It is really important that before a company starts an ERP implementation that they prepare for it, that they are assessed, and know that they are ready for what they are undertaking.”

Navigate works with Solutions360 customers to conduct ERP readiness assessments, and determine how ready a company is to undertake an ERP implementation. “Your tool is very process driven,” Malone reports, “But the company has to have that as part of their DNA to begin with, because otherwise they fight it. Sometimes they don’t have the processes to even put in place inside of your tool. Go Live for many companies is the start of the transition, and they have to be prepared for that, versus it’s all over now.”

Go Live is not the end, it’s just the beginning, “And that can be scary,” says Malone. “But as we found throughout the past year, those clients that are starting to really use the data are transforming their companies.”

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