It is time for integrators to embrace change.

Being in the tech industry, you are already well aware of the need to keep up with the pace of change. One way technology providers are helping their customers keep up with all the new technology offerings is by getting them on a regular consumption model. Tech buyers want subscription-based technology and the hardware you sell is no different. By now, chances are you are considering how to build your Hardware-as-a-Service offering, or you are already up and running. If not… Well, we all know what happens to obsolete tech and it is time to make the leap.

If you are still on the fence about HaaS, you can learn more about the importance of including product sales in your As-A-Service offering here. Once you are ready to get started, implementing HaaS requires a change to your sales team selling method and that’s what we’re focusing on today.

“To win you must be willing to adjust your sales tools and approach.”

If you are going to build financing and Hardware-as-a-Service into your integration business, there is more to it than just having an offering. Unlike the classic film Field of Dreams, if you build it, they won’t just come.  You will have to put in some work to ensure it takes off, and you accrue all the benefits of a recurring revenue program. With that in mind, here are:


4 Tips for Implementing Financing and HaaS in Your Integration Business


1. You Must Believe in Your Offering

The first and most important trait is certainty. You must believe that financing a HaaS purchase is best for your customers. Your certainty will bleed through to all the other parts of the sales process. It is the catalyst for success.

“Not a little bit of belief. Not an ‘I’ll give them a financing option if they ask for it,’ but certainty that a financing purchase is the right decision for both you and your customer. Believing in your heart that it is easier, simpler, reduces risk and is ultimately the right thing for them to choose.” GreatAmerica Financial

2. Educate Your Team, Customers and Prospects

What is the best way to establish belief? It comes with lots of education and reinforcement. The most successful partners we work with are dedicated to educating their teams on the benefits of HaaS. In turn, their teams do a great job of educating customers on their program. The mistake many Solution Providers make is that they just slap a monthly payment on the proposal and hope their customers choose it. Instead, teach customers about your program, why you offer it that way, why you believe it’s the right solution for them, and be willing to answer their questions.

3. Meet and Overcome Customer Objections

The third trait you must have in your sales approach is the ability to handle objections. This is true no matter what you sell or how. Every sales team will meet with objections they have to be prepared to overcome. The important thing to remember is that objections are really just questions. There’s something that customer doesn’t understand and is seeking more information. Receiving objections is an opportunity to educate, it’s not a “no”.

4. Propose a Simple Solution

The fourth trait needed for an effective HaaS and financing sales approach is simplicity. It has to be simple for your sales team to quote and simple for your customer to accept and get started. When it comes to creating the estimate, the Solutions360 integration with GreatAmerica Financial makes it easy to quote monthly payments. If your sales team has to do a lot of legwork to calculate and present monthly payments, then chances are they won’t offer and sell them like you want. Instead, allow them to create quotes with just a few clicks.


Learn more about the Q360 integration with GreatAmerica Financial:

This blog entry is based upon an artice from our partners at GreatAmerica Financial. Read the full story here: What Works and What Doesn’t in Your HaaS Approach


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