New Job Costing Survival Guide Illuminates Best Practices and Helps Businesses Assess their Current Job Costing Process to Ultimately Improve Project Profit Margins


Newmarket, Ontario – December 2012Solutions360, a leader in business process management and PSA software solutions, is excited to introduce The Job Costing Survival Guide. Solutions360 works with businesses to drive growth, profit and efficiency by sharing best practices in the areas of achieving business growth, automating operations, improving financial management and increasing project profitability.

The Job Costing Survival Guide was developed by the experts at Solutions360 to help businesses assess their current job costing processes. The guide walks business owners through several key areas:

  • Why is job costing so important?
  • Today’s typical job costing model.
  • 10 best practices in job costing.
  • The Job Costing Profitability Loop.
  • A job costing/profitability assessment.
  • Next steps for surviving the job costing process.

“A detailed review of the job costing process is essential so that businesses are able to track gross profit per hour in real-time, reduce business risk on large-scale projects, and increase project predictability,” says Brad Dempsey, president and CEO of Solutions360.

The Job Costing Survival Guide by Solutions360 allows business owners to get a detailed understanding of what they should be considering in their job costing process in order to maximize the profitability of their projects. In addition, the job costing/profitability loop self-assessment allows business owners to assess their current process and identifies areas of focus to improve project margins. The job costing assessment looks at several key processes including job estimation, access to accurate data, resource scheduling and project transactions/costs.

“An assessment of the job costing process illuminates ways to advance the process and ultimately improve margins on projects,” Dempsey continues. “We are very excited to offer The Job Costing Survival Guide to help business owners and we have several more business process guides in development for future release.”

Interested business owners can download this practical survival guide by visiting The Job Costing Survival Guide download page.

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