From tracking cyber and safety regulations that affect their companies to addressing insurance needs and compliance issues, these 14 services are the tip of the iceberg in terms of what NSCA provides to its members every day.

regulation compliance

The tagline for trade organization for the integration industry NSCA is “Your Voice, Your Business Resource, Your Trusted Advisor.”

Members use the many resources and our trustworthy advice on a daily basis. It’s only when they get themselves in a bind do they need to exercise the value of having a voice to speak on their behalf. While it happens only on occasion, we still take great pride in being the voice of the systems integrator.

As such we monitor legislation, and speak on behalf of the industry.

Here are some of the most common areas where we speak on behalf of our members with issues that often blindside the member companies.  In many cases our members don’t even know we do this on their behalf as it happens quietly behind the scenes.

No news is generally good news when it comes to this list of issues.

Here is a list of the most common services NSCA delivers for members:

Safety regulations 

Being called out for a safety violation and/or a workers comp claim caused by the lack of a safety officer or a program that was supposed to be implemented. Assignment of a safety officer per the project specifications and/or your insurance provider.

Compliance issues

When a member overlooks a compliance issue or a regulatory requirement of a project or agency. Most of the time understanding and training and adherence to the NEC and all local, state and national building codes and ordinances will prevent having to pay fines or face massive project delays that could trigger liquidated damages.  It’s always best to have NSCA or one of our MAC partners do a review your procedures.


Having the correct insurance, bonds, permits and filings per project. We fight hard on your behalf to create the best possible business climate and to speak on behalf of the channel on unnecessary regulations that cost us money without any logical gain. Integrators and manufacturers really need to be aware of the safety regulations that govern our profession.


Prevailing wage determinations (prior to bidding) and having a preapproved SOC for certified payroll and especially the exempt and non-exempt classifications of employee. We work hard to educate on the job functions such as estimator, project manager, inside sales and a few more that often are misclassified.  Knowing exactly when to pay overtime is a huge deal that our members often are uncertain about.


Conducting licensing audits (and which individual carries the license) is a huge deal. The state licensing guide produced by NSCA should be on all members desk who work across state lines. We have fought hard to make sure that our industry has a voice at the state and federal level in the treatment and monitoring of the types of licenses we need to obtain.


Tracking state and federal grants for spending is a big part of our government affairs activity. Funding for our type of integration projects is a big deal and we work this hard.  As evidence at the federal level with school funding bills HR 5332, S2513, HR 2475 HR 5307, and S 1674 and even on the state level as in CA prop 13 and 98 NSCA is signing onto legislation that helps grow our industry by finding funds that drive our members revenue.

Training funds

State training funds for interns, apprentices, new hires or retraining for incumbent workers. We work hard to encourage grants and allocation of funds to help STEM students and veterans to enter our workforce.  The Ignite program is a great example of our advocating for the industry to showcase what we do for our members to grow the talent pool.


Matching the correct SOC to your workers comp policy to avoid disputed claims. Denial of claims based upon a lack of the true scope of what we do.  NSCA fights on your behalf with the insurance industry to define our many occupations and assign true and logical factors to those claims for affordable rates.

Indemnification law

How liable are you when the systems you installed several years ago and have no SLA creates a cyber breach? It’s that type of new reality that NSCA has engaged in on your behalf.

Cyber regulations

Are you aware of pending cyber legislation that could impact your business? NSCA is currently monitoring 141 state and Federal bills that could have major impact on the way you manage the devices you attach to your clients network.  This is a major focus of the Pivot to Profit conference each year.

Rights on payment

Knowledge of your recourse on projects with payment delays.

Opportunity zones

This is a huge tax credit program that was supported by NSCA. Developing an understanding of where these zones are and how to take advantage of them when establishing a business presence in a particular area.

Tax credits

Tax credits and the effective use of R&D credits have been an area where NSCA has proven massive value the last two years. Over 100 NSCA members have taken advantage of the credits for integrators and benefitted from the work we do in making these credits work for systems integrators.

School safety funding and guidelines

Perhaps the biggest news of all is the new PASS guidelines and how we have fought to get these guidelines accepted by lawmakers as a basis for the requirements of local schools.

The list could go on but these are a sample of how your trade association’s government affairs and advocacy efforts support the membership and the industry.  I encourage you to visit the web site or call us for an overview.

It truly is a privilege to be the voice for the technology solutions providers and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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