Preparing for an ERP implementation; most companies are not ready and they don’t know it.

At InfoComm, Steve Riley, Senior Consultant at Navigate Management Consulting, sat down with Brad Dempsey to discuss ERP implementation readiness.

Riley lived through a big implementation when he worked for an integrator. Now he works with integrators preparing them to possibly enter into an ERP implementation. So, he’s been on both sides of the fence.

How do you know when you are ready?

“When I talk with integrators, the overall theme is that they are not ready,” Riley reports. “When we did our large implementation we spent a full year doing preparation for the big day of Go Live. And, once it happened, there were still things that we uncovered.”

“It’s a big endeavor to go through a Go Live, don’t ever think that it isn’t. But it is worth it,” says Riley. “Anything good has to go through some bad first to get there. That is definitely what I have learned about ERP implementations.”

Watch the full video below.

For more information on ERP implementation readiness, and how Navigate helps integrators prepare, check out the Navigate website