Operations Management

Tired of a piece meal solution?

The goal of your Operations group is to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Relying on spreadsheets and file folders to track your projects, clients, technicians or inventory is no longer efficient in today’s business climate. Although some applications claim to facilitate workflow, why are spreadsheets still used?

Q360™ is a Professional Services Automation application that facilitates the work of moving information from one to many departments and back again as many times as required, adding value to information at each step, creating complete visibility to allow Operations to maintain the highest profitability and efficiency as possible.

Instead of just automating segregated processes, Q360™’s functionality enables your entire team to see a complete picture of the business as work migrates through the sales process through to projects, accounting, inventory and ultimately client care.  Your business becomes holistically automated allowing the optimal level of visibly and profitability.

This cohesive single system keeps everyone in the loop including, Finance, Project Management and Service Teams. No more running reports to just re-enter the information into a stand-alone accounting system or having to re-key data into spreadsheets for the service department.

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