Resource Scheduling

Operational Efficiency

Resource scheduling practices can make or break your margins.  If you are not following repeatable best practices for resource utilization you are losing money.  Q360™ customers are given the tools to manage scheduling and dispatching intelligently.  Know what technicians are already scheduled and which ones are available in the area as well as who has the skill set to do the job correctly.  The tools to know if the problem at hand requires a truck to roll, a subcontractor dispatched or if remote access will fix the issue.

By improving your resource scheduling you are adding existing dollars to the bottom line without doing any additional work.  Deploy your technicians more efficiently and track more of the time they are already spending on service calls.  The results will be improved routing of field work, reduced travel time, improved service levels, increased capacity, ultimately creating more profit.

  • Resource console provides a visual of each technicians schedule
  • The HR calendar overlays days off or sick leave
  • Wage plus burden rate calculations provide true job costing
  • Equipment tracking and ownership
  • Time and attendance along with utilization rates

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