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Get Your FreeJob Costing Survival GuideNow!

Get Your Free Job Costing Survival Guide Now!

Job costing is critical for service companies providing new installation services and project management.  Tracking all the costs, comparing to estimates and altering course when elements of a project change is critical to success and profitability.  Tracking job costs accurately and timely allows you to quickly discern your most and least profitable areas of your business.  This allows you to focus on the profitable elements and try to make the less profitable job types more efficient.  Having this information as it happens allows you to adjust existing projects and to alter your quoting practices to have them more accurately reflect the reality of the service or product delivery.

Q360™ allows you to track and monitor billable staff`s time, creating new levels of accountability.  It is typical for Q360™ customers to immediately start tracking more of the time already being spent with customers, stopping the leaks of time capture.  Capturing more time already spent flows straight through to the bottom line.

Capturing time as it is consumed allows for faster reconciliation and thus faster billing, shortening your billing cycle, and improving your cash position.

Q360™ makes it easy to capture time and attendance and the collection and review of time booked against tickets, tasks, even sales opportunities.  The analysis of employee productivity and utilization is crucial for making improvements to efficient use of your resources.  Q360™ allows you to track and then quickly analyze poor performing technicians or dispatchers so adjustments can be made quickly before more precious time is lost.

Job costing is not just a factor of a flat hour of work, but includes the actual technician`s salary or wage as well as their individual burden rates.  Q360™ can also encompass prevailing wage and union work factors.

On the flip side of time capture is billing and the reality of your business stipulates you need flexible and complex billing formulas. Q360™ allows you to setup the following:

  • minimum
  • trip
  • travel
  • flat rate
  • holiday
  • custom rates for each type of service you provide

These can be tied to individual technicians, customers or master part numbers.  Q360™ is designed to address the reality of how you run your business, automatically.

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