Go-Live isn’t the end of your Q360 ERP implementation, it’s just the beginning.

erp-300x211-7527951On this episode of ClearTalk, our CEO, Brad Dempsey is joined by Brad Malone of Navigate Management Consulting. Today we’re talking about Q360 ERP implementation and what happens after the Go-Live process.

Over many years of Q360 ERP implementations, Solutions360 has observed that the term Go-Live is a bit misunderstood. Many people think of the Go-Live process as the end of the implementation, but really it is just one step. The next step is adoption of the tool, which is necessary for business transformation.

“Adopting an ERP system as complex as Q360 is a huge undertaking because it involves changes to processes and people’s roles within your organization,” says Dempsey. “So, we wanted to get away from this idea of Go-Live being an end-point, and instead think of it as a milestone along a much longer journey. That has been a big paradigm shift for us.”


“One of the best analogies is the idea of your integration business as an orchestra,” says Dempsey. “Everybody has to be playing their part correctly to get the best output from that orchestra. And it involves a lot more than just data. It really comes down to non-duplicated, accurate data flowing through documented processes.”

That’s where workflows come into play. In Q360, you’re able to see where information is coming from and where it’s going to. So everyone can see their part in the bigger picture.

The new OneDashboard is going to fundamentally change the way that you manage your integration business.

“The dashboards completely change your visibility, so you are able to better predict and react while you still have time to increase the profitability and the success of your business.” Brad Dempsey

OneDashboard allows you to visualize where your business is today, and where you’re heading based upon your operations. Having all that information combined in a single dashboard, shows you the big picture, and gives you One View of the Business.


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ClearTalk Ep 10: Q360 ERP Implementation – The Transition from Go-Live to Adoption





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