Recurring Revenue by the Numbers

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There are numerous reasons for integrators to adopt a recurring revenue model.

A recent Commercial Integrator article, The Opportunities and Challenges of Selling Your Integration Business, discusses how private equity firms are making serious inroads into the AV integration market—but they’re looking for predictable cash flow through recurring revenue.

And the need to get into recurring revenue was certainly a hot topic of conversation at BLC 2020.

But what does this new business model mean for your integration business in terms of:

Revenue recognition?

Cash flow?


Administrative overhead?


Do you have the right systems in place – the right tools – to properly embrace recurring revenue?

These questions, that Solutions360 and NSCA often hear from systems integrators, are the foundation for an upcoming webinar. Recurring Revenue by the Numbers


Recurring Revenue by the Numbers

This webinar, presented in partnership with NSCA, will explore the financial side of supporting a recurring revenue strategy.


Join us Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT



Get ready to take your service offering from the bottom of your proposal to the top. Make it the number one item on there. Be proud of your support offering and make sure that it’s something that is talked about in every discussion.

Start using recurring revenue as your financial backbone.

Presenter, Brad Dempsey, CEO of Solutions360, has 33+ years of international project and financial management experience in the technology industry. Brad began his career as a technology consultant in 1979 at TRW Data Systems, followed with positions at Prime Computer Ltd., Apollo Computer Ltd., and Sequent Computer Systems (Canada) Ltd. In 1988, he founded Solutions360 Inc. Solutions360 is an NSCA Business Accelerator.

Recurring Revenue by the Numbers

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