S360_25_ball_HR_100x100Solutions360, the market-leading professional services automation software company, is celebrating its Silver Anniversary in 2013. For 25 years, customers have depended on Solutions360 psa software to help run and grow their businesses. Solutions360 has led the industry across North America since the company first started development from humble premises in Ontario in 1988.

Twenty-five years later, innovation is still at the heart of Solutions360, one of the psa software industry’s most respected and well known companies. The original ethos of the company was a commitment to constantly reviewing and refining its impact on clients’ businesses and ensuring that its software products were the most technologically advanced on the market. This principle still remains today, with the Solutions360 R&D team being renowned for their forward-thinking and ability to push the boundaries of software design to support the evolving direction of their customers’ industries.

“We know our value-added proposition and measure it frequently,” said CEO and Founder Brad Dempsey. “It’s amazing to look back and see how much progress we’ve made since I started the business in 1988. It’s been a very gratifying 25 years,” he continued, “filled with great lessons and wonderful relationships.”

What began as an attempt to improve Dempsey’s own business through automation has expanded to supporting the most progressive technology integration businesses in the industry today.

Dempsey remarked, “If you had asked me 25 years ago if I would be working with market leaders in the integration business, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. That being said, expansion came quite naturally as we saw the common requirements between various vertical markets in the integration business”.

John Graham, Solutions360’s Executive Vice President, joined the company in 1999 and saw the tremendous opportunity the company had in front of it.

“Building on the basic principles set down by Brad Dempsey, we continued to build flexible solutions developed with the future in mind,” said Graham. “Our ability to adapt to change is what has sustained our leading position for a quarter of a century,” he added.

“Twenty five years may seem like a long time for a psa software company, but we are as current as ever because our software is architected to respond quickly to new and emerging technologies facing our clients,” said Dempsey. “What has changed over the years are things like marketplace consolidation and the complexity of our customers’ organizations. For those aspects, we are well positioned for another 25 years, if not longer.” he added.

About Solutions360

Solutions360 has more than 25 years of experience and provides proven solutions to help customers run profitable and productive businesses. Solutions360, a leading provider of professional services automation software and solutions, creates One View of the Business™ for customers.

Solutions360’s PSA software platform Q360™ is a tightly integrated system that handles all aspects of an integration company’s business processes from sales and proposals to service and dispatch to invoicing and accounting. Solutions360’s Q360 platform means integrated data which translates to immediate access to accurate reporting, relational information that can drive profitability in project management, and efficiency in business processes.

For more information about Solutions360, please visit solutions360.com or call 1-800-450-7748 or email us at answers(at)solutions360.com. For updates on the release of future business process guides, be sure to sign up for our email mailing list by entering your email at the right on Solutions360’s website.