What are some of the key challenges and success factors for business transformation?

Solutions360 and Navigate Management Consulting are both on a mission to help integrators pursue business transformation. Navigate achieves this through process and Solutions360 through software implementation.

Roman Burchart, Vice President of Operations for Solutions360, and Brad Malone, Partner at Navigate, share their thoughts on the key challenges that integrators must face if the business transformation process is going to be successful.

“The success (or failure) of an ERP implementation really starts at the top of the executive team,” reports Burchart.

“We have found, in over 30 years of business, that that good buy-in, following best practices, staying engaged, and really advocating that your employees embrace the training, are critical for success,” says Burchart. “The employees need to talk to each other, and they need to engage their peers, to really think through a lot of the business processes that are going to change drastically.”

Business transformation is like buying a cookbook. If you’re not going to cook with it, nothing is going to change. At the same time, you have to know that you can’t open the cookbook and expect to be a chef in one day.

“Real change and business transformation will take you some time; it is a constant learning process,” says Burchart. “Even six to 12 months after going live, you will still be learning new tips and tricks, and new ways to use Q360 software to improve your processes for years to come.”

Of course, Go Live is just the beginning.

“We have to have the commitment from management to see it through – and the dedication from ownership to really hold everyone accountable to the process.  You can’t have special people getting around the process anymore,” Malone concludes.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Leadership Buy In is Critical for Successful Business Transformation

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