Genesis Integration Inc.

Just about everything. Efficiency, cash management, real time ACCURATE data, document management, process control, etc., etc. This program really hit it out of the park for us. I am elated, given the high failure rate of these types of implementations. The fact is both the program and the people doing the consulting on it were equally responsible for the success of the project. End to end solution allows data storage in one place. Lots of options for User Setup allows for flexibility, Grid Layout with export capabilities is great, Document Linking is a nice feature, and Bank Reconciliation & RMA Processing happen as you expect they should, which has increased productivity. The ability to initiate a support call from within the software is a great feature.Now that we have been using the software for a few years we are really learning to leverage even more than we envisioned. It was an integral part of enabling our growth last year with an 80% increase in revenues while using $1.5M less cash to do so. Enough said; this investment has paid for itself many time over.