Wayne Automatic Inc.

I just want to let you know that our Q360™ support and project schedules reconcile to the financial statement Gross Profit within 4/100 of 1% of the total Gross Profit Dollars. Not too shabby. We never got anywhere near this level of precision with our former GP software.The financial statement values become “real” when they are supported by detailed schedules enumerating each victory or misstep by project and by call. This builds trust in the processes and overall automation for our users and it encourages them to drill down and find out what happened on specific projects and calls. Our former system had schedules of Projects and Calls, but it was nearly impossible to reconcile the schedules to the financial statement values for a whole host of reasons.This reconciliation element is another part of the value we are deriving from our new system. When I can get within less than $1,000 variance on a $1.8M monthly gross profit, it warms the hearts of accountants everywhere.“ “Q360 doesn’t sell software. Instead they enable you with tools to optimize your processes, while simultaneously challenging you to rethink where and how you generate your greatest returns on investment. Only those individuals who are serious about taking their organizations to the next level should consider the Q360 approach.