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VTI Security has been using Q360 for just over one year. Prior to that, the company had been using Dynamics Great Plains for roughly 20 years.

Chris Kambeitz is the Accounting Manager at VTI Security. She recently spoke with us about how Q360 has improved her access to data, and increased efficiencies in accounting processes.

One of the big changes in the transition to Q360 has been improved access to reporting. “We can get an AP aging report in real time at any point, at any time of the day, during the week, or the month. The data is very accessible,” says Kambeitz.

“The grid to Excel feature has proved a big help with the audit,” Kambeitz reports. “At year end we were able to grid the data to Excel and send via email to the auditors, without giving them access to the system.”

In addition, process improvements around receiving and matching PO’s to vendor invoices has increased efficiencies in Accounts Payable.

“In Great Plains our sales people/sourcing would create PO’s and we would receive them in our sourcing department with a packing list. And the packing list would then come over to our accounts payable, and we would have to wait for the invoice to come in and match the packing slip to the invoice.”

The process in Q360 is much easier. “In Q360, our sourcing receives it in the warehouse. It shows up on our voucher screen, and we have an invoice and match the voucher. No packing list, no matching of anything.”

So, there is no more moving paper around between departments, and manually doing the reconciliation. As soon as the PO is received in VTI Security’s warehouse, it automatically notifies Accounts Payable.

For more information on how Q360 has increased efficiencies in accounting processes, watch the video below.

Chris Kambeitz, Accounting Manager at VTI Security talks about how Q360 has increase efficiencies in accounting processes.

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