One of the most valuable things Solutions360 brings to the table is our deep understanding of integration businesses.

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Not only do we understand our customers’ businesses, we have over a decade of experience designing and implementing best practices, and the software to support and leverage those best practices.

When Roman Burchart joined our team as Vice President of Operations, he started an exciting new training program for the employees. We Put Ourselves in Our Customers’ Shoes helps our entire team gain a better understanding of how our customers use Q360 every day.

“When I came on board, one of the things I noticed is that we have a lot of really great people with a lot of expertise in various areas of the software,” says Burchart. “And while that’s great, I think it’s important that they really understand what it feels like to be a Q360 user, and what our customers go through on a daily basis.”

The more we are in our customers’ shoes, the more we understand them, the better we are for them, and the more profitable they will be.

This year, We Put Ourselves in Our Customers’ Shoes focuses on how integrators deliver services. “This gives our team a good understanding of how Q360 can be a valuable tool for integrators growing their services business,” says Burchart.

“There’s a lot of things that we’re walking our whole team through, whether they’re developers or accounting experts or customer service reps, and we’re actually showing them what it’s like for integration companies to manage service contracts, have service calls come in, dispatch technicians, and find out where trucks are on the road. We’re trying to bring all these things together so our team gets a better understanding of how Q360 needs to help our customers. This allows us to develop Q360 software, so that it really works for our customers.”

Since we started this program, we’ve had a lot of great suggestions from our team in terms of how to improve Q360 – such as new reports that we could build, or updates to the software that we could make. Simply because they’re now thinking about things from the customer’s perspective.

“By understanding what it feels like to be on the customer side, it makes the Solution360 team better as software developers,” Burchart reports.

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How Does Solutions360 Become Your Most Trusted Business Partner?

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