Solutions360; More than a Vendor, a Valued Partner for the Long Run

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In our 15 years of working with low voltage contractors, almost every single one of them has the same goal; achieving predictable, steady and profitable growth. So if that is the universal goal of business, then why isn’t every business viable and profitable? Data is Elusive The answer often resides in the access to elusive, hard to get at data. Having these numbers at hand, when you need them and in the proper context is crucial. But the real magic is in the application of […]

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Project Under-Billing Can Be Your Undoing

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Accurate and real-time data is critical to proper cash flow management, and under-billing long-term projects is a leading cause of cash crunches Never fund customer projects with your own money. It’s great advice that can be difficult to heed, especially during large, long-term engagements, but ignore it at your peril. Running projects smoothly and on schedule does not automatically make them profitable, and those that are large and lengthy can be challenging to scope out properly. If you’re not set up for accurate job costing […]

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Solutions360 Gold Sponsor of NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference

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Mark your Calendar: February 27th – March 1st 2014 Improve Your Business IQ, Develop Your Leadership, Secure Your Future Decision-makers will discover how to make creative, influential decisions after learning the new meanings behind current trends, refining skills sets, and understanding the future of the electronic systems industry during NSCA’s 16th annual Business & Leadership Conference (BLC). Address your business challenges and find out what your peers are doing to build stronger systems integration firms. Create long-term business success through thoughtful vision and resourceful strategies on some of the hottest topics, […]

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Job Costing Critical Piece to Preserving Margins

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Addressing problems quickly can help save projects that might otherwise be doomed. November 18, 2013 | by D. Craig MacCormack Commercial Integrator Magazine If you’ve been victimized by a profit-sucking job that spiraled out of control before you knew what had happened and had to resort to correcting your procedural mistakes before the next job rather than addressing them before the problem worsened, there is hope. In his NSCA Best Practices Conference session “Job Costing: An Execution Guide for Operations,” Solutions360 president and CEO Brad Dempsey taught attendees some […]

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Achieve ERP ROI by Establishing Clear Metrics Early On

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Knowing what to measure and asking the right questions before you begin your ERP deployment will guarantee your organization reaps the tangible and intangible benefits that will improve your bottom line. Many organizations erroneously decide the return on investment for their ERP implementation is negligible because they’ve fallen prey to the common pitfalls that stymie ROI during the deployment phase. But there is plenty of potential for both tangible and intangible benefits that will significantly impact the business, as long as you establish metrics early […]

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Solutions360 to Sponsor NSCA Best Practices Conference

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Solutions360 is the Supporting Sponsor of this fall’s NSCA Best Practices Conferences to be held in October and November 2013. As a technology partner of the NSCA, Solutions360 looks to support integrators by helping them to improve efficiency and introduce best practices to enable growth. Solutions360 will be on hand exhibiting key growth strategies as well as leading a session on Job Costing for the Operations Department; what is it and how do you use it to run more profitable projects. During this session Brad […]

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Randall Paul Transitioning to Solutions360

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During the month of October, 2013, Randall Paul will be transitioning from his current job at Genesis Integration to a new career at Solutions360. The last few years of his tenure at Genesis have allowed Randall to develop new skills in the areas of Data Mining, SQL Programming, Workflow Analysis and Business Intelligence. As National Business Manager at Genesis he sat on the senior Management Team and was responsible for providing the dashboards, metrics and KPIs that were pivotal to the success of Genesis’ double digit growth over this period. Developing good measurement tools is […]

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