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4 keys to Transformational Leadership

4 Keys to Transformational Leadership

Are you a transformational leader – or headed there? Consider these four principles to inspire and motivate your team. Of all the leadership theories that have been posited over the years, few have the enduring simplicity of transformational leadership. Originally conceived … Read More

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How to Foster a Continuous Learning Culture

Want to nurture your team’s strength and ensure professional development while people are working remotely? Consider these tips to grow a continuous learning culture. How to Foster a Continuous Learning Culture: COVID-19 has changed the business landscape – perhaps irrevocably. … Read More

Project Change Orders – Manage Them or Just Make Them

Even the most well-defined, cookie-cutter project will experience changes — for a number of reasons. One reason is that no matter how cookie-cutter, all projects have something that makes them unique, and that uniqueness creates uncertainty. Predictions (plans) attempt to … Read More