Solutions360 President Brad Dempsey targeting InfoComm 2020 for launch of prototype of artificial intelligence solution aimed at low-voltage contractors.

By D. Craig MacCormack

AI Solutions

Solutions360 president and founder Brad Dempsey is singing a familiar refrain when it comes to the implementation of artificial intelligence in pro AV, but how many in the industry are listening?

Dempsey said at InfoComm 2018 he expects AI and voice control to play prominent roles for pro AV firms by next year, but he knows it’ll take some convincing to get many others in the industry to buy in to what he’s predicting. After all, as progressive and willing to embrace new methodology as some companies and people in the industry are, there are plenty who resist change too. He repeated that during InfoComm 2019 in Orlando and says the company has big plans for InfoComm 2020 in this regard.

“The power of AI isn’t the engine. It’s how much data it has access to,” says Dempsey. “You should be able to come up with a machine that will warn you when things will go awry. It’s the next phase of the [enterprise resource planning system].”

Artificial Intelligence in AV

Solutions360 is working with colleges and universities across Canada through the Industrial Research Assistance Program to craft an AI solution that’s suitable for the AV industry and those who work in it, says Dempsey.

“That’s how we make advancements, by building on other people’s work,” he says. “This isn’t about starting from scratch. People are excited [about using AI to improve their businesses], but they don’t necessarily understand it.

“The proof will be when we have enough data and can show what we’ve done with it,” says Dempsey.

He still expects to have a prototype of the AI device ready in time to debut at InfoComm 2020 in Las Vegas next June.

“Everyone is trying to figure out how they can use AI,” says Dempsey. “We’re going to take a very focused look at how we can help companies in the low-voltage space use it. The type of business they run is somewhat unique, so they need an AI solution that’s unique to be able to help them too.

“We’d like to get a wider base of information, not just increase our volume,” he says.

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