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At Solutions360, we build the tools that enable integrators to achieve sustainable growth, and manage that growth over the long term.  We view Q360 as the data hub of the business, and our unified software helps integrators gain increased visibility to their data.

Spinitar is a long-time customer of Solutions360, and has been using Q360 for about eight years. Over this time, Spinitar has achieved sustainable and predictable growth.

Our CEO, Brad Dempsey, recently sat down with David Taccone, CFO at Spinitar, to discuss how the company has attained their tremendous success.

In 2011, Spinitar was a running on Excel plus 4-5 other software platforms and none of them talked to each other. Each system collected different pieces of information, and the company needed a way to connect the systems, because the spreadsheets just weren’t cutting it. This was the turning point that convinced Spinitar to invest in Solution360’s unified software platform.

“I think the biggest thing we noticed was, we went from an Excel-based format where we had a lot of flexibility, and we were making a lot of decisions on a monthly basis without consistency, but based on certain desires,” says Taccone. “We went from that to a more systematic, automated and integrated approach to keeping track of our job costs.”

For example, Q360 has made it much easier for Spinitar to be compliant with the new revenue recognitions rules. “Q360 put us on the map instantly as far as being stable, and allowing the system to make the calculations for us,” says Taccone.

Implementing processes that were consistent from month to month really gave us the ability to analyze our numbers and put real meaning to what we were seeing in terms of results. 

Watch the video for the full discussion.

Spinitar Achieves Sustainable Growth with Solutions360

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