In order to build recurring revenue, integrators are making the shift from a reactive to a proactive support model.

There has been a lot of discussion in the integrator community about best practices for developing services and support revenue, and how to embrace a recurring revenue model.

In previous blogs we have discussed how customers are asking for AV-as-a-Service, as well as how to create predictable cash flow with monthly recurring revenue.

Today, Steve Riley is joined by Chad Sowers, Director of Business Development with GreatAmerica Financial, to discuss the obstacles that integrators are facing while building recurring revenue.

What are some of the obstacles that integrators are bumping up against?

The first challenge is getting contract renewals.

“Getting a service contract is nothing new,” says Riley. “We’ve been doing that for years and years. But the hard part is adding enough value to get that renewal.”

“What I am seeing, is a shift in the market as integrators transition from the traditional reactive service model, to a proactive support model.”

Think of support as a large umbrella of services that covers four different pillars.

Four Pillars of Support

  • The first pillar is reactive service, which integrators have been doing for years.
  • The second pillar is proactive service, which is your support agreements, and preventative maintenance visits, embedded employees, and services of that nature.
  • The third pillar is monitoring, and we see many integrators branching into this area.
  • The fourth pillar is value-add services. This includes services such as digital signage content hosting, digital signage content creation, or video conferencing cloud services.

There are the primary activities that we see integrators pursuing to build up their services revenue.


Watch the video for the full discussion:

Best Practices for Integrators Building Recurring Revenue


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