Communication is the key to successful change management

Managing change is one of the big issues Solutions360 addresses with integrators, because change is not easy. And this topic has become even more important during these unprecedented times.

Today, our CEO, Brad Dempsey is joined by Brad Malone, from Navigate Management Consulting to discuss how both organizations help integrators implement change.

What are some of the critical success factors for change?

“Change really has to come from the top down, from ownership,” Dempsey reports. “I think the worst thing that can happen is an owner delegating control of a large project.”

“The second most important success factor is that that leadership must convey the reason for change. Leaders need to communicate the benefits of the outcomes that will be a result of that change.”

As part of the change, it is important for leaders in the organization to model the right behavior and walk the talk.

“The owner has to be almost a combination of a coach and a leader – they have to lead by example.” Brad Dempsey, CEO Solutions360

“It’s not just about telling people to move forward,” says Dempsey. “Leaders need to show by example that they are looking forward to change and looking forward to what it can do for the business.”

Once change is happening, the next important step is acknowledging progress along the path. “First, leaders need to model the right behavior, and then they need to remember to thank people along the way,” says Malone. “Keep reiterating, reiterating and reiterating.”

When it comes to change, you can’t over communicate.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Change Management Best Practices for Integrators

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