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ClearTalk 19 Passing the Baton from Project to Service

ClearTalk 19: Passing the Baton from Project to Service


What does a typical handoff from project to service look like in your integration business?

Is your hand-off more of a drop-off?

pass the baton from project to serviceDon’t ring the doorbell and run – set your service team up for success!

On this episode of ClearTalk, Brad Malone and Tofiq Indawala discuss how mature integrators see the purpose of any project is to create a long-term service customer that will generate monthly recurring revenue.

A growing number of integrators have adopted the RMR mindset, but the industry still needs to do a lot of work to understand how to deliver successful handoffs.

Projects are transitory and merely the vehicle to get to service. So, is your service team pulling the project towards them?

Integrators should look at service as a key stakeholder in the relationship with the customer.


“Everything should be geared towards handing the customer over to service,” says Malone. “From the inception of the proposal to the way the project is executed, the work breakdown structure, and the documentation at the end of the project. All of this information makes the service team more successful in maintaining the customer relationship.”


“Traditionally, everybody’s taught that the stakeholders of your projects are the executives, sales, or the customer, but they completely forget about service, who must take that ownership of the relationship and service it for 10 to 15 years,” says Indawala.

If your service team is still the red-headed stepchild of your integration company, this podcast is for you!