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ClearTalk 23 Positioning Your Integration Business for Recurring Revenue Success

ClearTalk 23: Positioning Your Integration Business for Recurring Revenue Success


On this episode of ClearTalk, John Graham is joined by Tyler Ebnet from Revenueify, a fellow NSCA Membership Advisory Council member.


At last month’s Pivot to Profit, a big topic of conversation was the frustration around the slow uptake of managed services programs. It is clear that integrators have the desire and the will to make the transformation to a recurring revenue model, but they are running into roadblocks.


The pair discuss many practical and tactical ways to increase revenue. Without a doubt, specialized sales training is necessary because selling recurring revenue is completely different than a system sale, which is what integrators have been selling for many years.


One sales training event is not enough. It will take an entire shift of the integrator’s perspective on what the managed services program is going to do.


Managed services is a financial strategy. That’s the real reason why the end customer buys a managed service program or a subscription, which is completely different than the reason they buy a box that sits on a conference room table.


“With a managed service program, it’s creating value within the customer’s organization for the long term, and we see a lot of a lot of integrators just not focused on the value of their program, and how to communicate that value proposition to their ideal customer.” Tyler Ebnet


Solutions360 provide the software tools that help customers support and account for their managed services programs. Q360 provides a roadmap for your salespeople to build RMR. It provides a framework to help your sales team achieve the recurring revenue that many integrators have been looking for over the last several years.


  • How do you take that next step with managed services?
  • How do you move from a project-based culture to a recurring revenue-based culture?
  • What are the differences between integrators that have successfully transitioned to managed services model, and those who have not?


Listen to the podcast to position your integration business for recurring revenue success!