ClearTalk 29 what do you really mean by profitability

ClearTalk 29: What Do You Really Mean by Profitability?


Get ready to dive deep into the world of profitability with the latest episode of ClearTalk! Our CEO, Brad Dempsey, sits down with Brad Malone, VP of Professional Services, to uncover the truth behind measuring profitability.

While profitability is a metric that grabs everyone’s attention, are you measuring it correctly? As integrators are in the business of selling labor, it’s essential to understand the importance of burden rates when it comes to measuring profitability. As Malone points out, many people escalate their gross profit without burdening their labor correctly, causing excess overhead and impacting their net profit.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! On this episode, you’ll also discover what Dempsey means by “Profit often hides our sins” and how heroism, martyrdom, and project drama can impact project profitability.

If you’re ready to take your profitability game to the next level, listen to the full episode now! You’ll learn that consistently profitable integrators are well-run organizations that are often a pleasure to work for. Don’t miss out on all the valuable insights and tips that Dempsey and Malone have to offer.