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ClearTalk 31: Cracking the Supply Chain Code – Part 1


Join us for an insightful episode of ClearTalk as we dive into the world of supply chain management – a hot topic in the integration industry for years.

We are honored to have Michael Stammire, VP of Procurement for Avidex, join Joel Harris, to share his best practices in responding to the ever-changing supply chain challenges.

Stammire opens up about how the pandemic impacted Avidex, from project delays to freight and logistics issues. He discusses the shift in buying habits and the adoption of more mature procurement practices to overcome these challenges.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

– The importance of ‘just in case’ ordering versus ‘just in time’ to protect projects.
– Ordering strategies against the pipeline for high run rate items with long lead times and core components.
– The benefits of using a standardized quoting tool for better visibility.
– The value of seamless communication between Purchasing and Sales.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll delve even deeper into the secrets of supply chain mastery with Michael Stammire.

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