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EP 33

ClearTalk 33: Decoding WIP: The Lifeblood of Project-Based Businesses


On this episode of ClearTalk…

Join host Jen Jackson as she dives into the essentials of Project WIP with expert Brad Dempsey. In this episode, they’ll discuss:

Defining WIP: Uncover what WIP (Work in Progress) reports are and why they are seen as the lifeblood of Project-Based Companies.

Importance for Systems Integration Companies: Understand why the WIP schedule is vital for assessing company performance and future projections.

Spotting Red Flags: Bradford offers insights on indicators of potential issues when evaluating WIP and how to navigate through them.

Forecasting Cash Flow & Profitability: Learn how the project and portfolio WIP can guide in forecasting a company’s cash flow and potential profitability.

Aligning WIP with Financial Goals: Tips on ensuring that WIP corresponds with a company’s broader financial strategy and objectives.

External Stakeholder Communication: Grasp how WIP aids in transparently communicating a company’s health and progress to banks, investors, and bonding companies.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive breakdown. Tune into the ClearTalk podcast for the full conversation!