Companies using Q360 Today to Improve Business Management

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Companies using Q360 today to improve business management

Here at Solutions360, we are lucky to have great partners. Working with companies like Presentation Products is the manifestation of our mission; to become our customers most valued business partner. In this video, Orin Knopp, President of Presentation Products, shared his experience using Q360 and the company behind the software, Solutions360.

Presentation Products
Orin Knopp


Presentation Products Inc.

We caught up with Mike Abernathy, Director of Business Resources of the NSCA and asked him about his experience with Solutions360. He confirmed that we were living up to our promise of becoming our customers’ most valued business partner.

Mike Abernathy

Director of Business Resources


We had a chance to ask Kyle Habben, President of ECC, about his experience with Q360. Kyle provided an insightful overview of what companies should expect from a unified ERP system and what it takes to fully utilize a tool like Q360. Kyle’s feedback was a welcomed reminder of why we do what we do and a confirmation of our goal, to become our customers’ most valued business partner.


“Implementing Q360 was the single best decision I’ve made as the President of this company”

Kyle Habben

President & CEO

Electronic Contracting Company

We caught up with Bill Fons and asked him about his journey over the past year with Q360 and Navigate Management Consulting. Bill shares with us where his company was and where it’s heading and how tools like Q360 have helped him achieve better business results.

Bill Fons



We caught up with Andy Pelletier at BLC and asked him about his experience with Q360 post implementation. His feedback was a welcomed reminder of the impact a unified ERP system can have on an integration business.

Andy Pelletier

Executive Vice President


I expect Q360 will be the last system we ever use. It does everything for our business end-to-end, the way we really want it to work, and it’s completely scalable. We have known Solutions360 for years and see how much they have helped other contractors. But mostly, Q360 is a complete end-to-end solution, and there is no other product that can do that for integrators like ourselves.


I just used my new Digital Signage Departmental Workflow and found the information I was looking for in about 15 seconds. It used to take much longer so again THANK YOU both for the time and effort to created these for us on Wednesday. It is much appreciated and helpful.

Ben Bennett

Director of Digital Signage

South Central A\V

Colleagues, the efficiencies of Q360 continue to improve our internal processes. With our Q360 inventory bar-coding system we have been able to complete a full inventory of our MSP warehouse in just under 6 hours (this used to take 2+ days)!  The  MSP warehouse is now open for all SCS transactions.

Alex Motta

Director, Client Services & Supply Chain

VTI Security

Just about everything. Efficiency, cash management, real time ACCURATE data, document management, process control, etc., etc. This program really hit it out of the park for us. I am elated, given the high failure rate of these types of implementations. The fact is both the program and the people doing the consulting on it were equally responsible for the success of the project. End to end solution allows data storage in one place. Lots of options for User Setup allows for flexibility, Grid Layout with export capabilities is great, Document Linking is a nice feature, and Bank Reconciliation & RMA Processing happen as you expect they should, which has increased productivity. The ability to initiate a support call from within the software is a great feature.Now that we have been using the software for a few years we are really learning to leverage even more than we envisioned. It was an integral part of enabling our growth last year with an 80% increase in revenues while using $1.5M less cash to do so. Enough said; this investment has paid for itself many time over.

Kelly McCarthy


Genesis Integration Inc.

It was desirable to work with a vendor that could understand us quickly. We interviewed other vendors that knew a lot about their software, but not how to apply it to our industry or our business. Solutions360 already understood what we needed.

Kendra Lettau

Process Management Architect

AVI Systems

This was the best implementation I’ve ever gone through and I’ve gone through four of them. We still have some hiccups and some more training to do, but our PM is on vacation this week, so that’s a good sign. The BA and his team were excellent – his demeanor, skill set, and business acumen were second to none. Overall its going very well; we appreciate the whole team.

Jim Gragtmans


ET Group

When we bought the business two years ago we started looking very closely at the business process side and we knew the systems were underinvested in given the size of the company. Our decision to invest in Q360 sets us up for decades of growth. Visibility into the business is key. With 6 different systems, you can’t have the same level of visibility that the unified system Q360 offers.

Dustin Campbell

CEO & Principal

ADTECH Systems

Q360™ is incredible and the team is so flexible. I took our three different software packages and replaced it with one database. Now I have three times less maintenance and support issues and three times less the headaches and access to all our business information.

Kevin Walsh



Having our managers comfortable using the new system is only part of the journey.  A more important milestone is when they learn what the new information is telling them.  We appreciate that our new system allows us to do things faster, slicker, and with better information. The true value, however, is when the managers are making better decisions because they fully comprehend what the new information is telling them.  Our managers’ new abilities translate into decisions that reduce cost, increase revenues, and enhance margins.

Eric Morris

Chief Financial Officer,

Wayne Automatic Inc.

I wanted to do some before and after comparisons with some of our processes; although we have some obvious and big wins in the operations side, I discovered something really interesting in A/P that I needed to mention. We measured the old way and the new way of processing a single vendor’s invoice; from receiving the bill in the mail through to filing/archiving the paid invoice. It used to cost us $68 as a voucher went through a seven step manual process. Then using Q360 and its automated processes and going paperless we discovered that the cost went down to $14 per vendor invoice going down to a two step process.We only average fifty vendor invoices per month, but that adds up to a savings of $2,700 per month or $32,400 per year. As an interesting side effect, going paperless with Q360 also freed up enough space in their office to add seating for 7 more employees when we removed the A/P filing cabinets.

Tricia Brooks


Able Information Systems Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE how your bank reconciliation feature works. Our previous systems all had bank reconciliation, but they were cumbersome to use. I have reduced the time to complete this process from approximately 5 hours to less than 2 hours now. As this is a tedious task to begin with I thank you for the time savings.

Carole McIlmoyle

Manager Administration


Brad, Tofiq, thank you for your time and the level of detail that you brought to the meetings. Your comments and insight will assist us with organizing our processes to take advantage of what Q360 brings to us in our quest to grow our company effectively for years to come.

Michael J. Brennan

Purchasing Manager


We appreciate very much your personal concern and interest in our success. Denise and I were commenting earlier today that we both feel more confident in our Company’s decision to go with your firm as time goes on. It is a great feeling.Your solutions have helped us to better understand our business and help us be successful. We are hopeful for continued success for both our team and yours in the coming years. It is going to take good attention and good strategy to weather the economic storms ahead.

Devi Momot


TwinState Voice Data and Video

I just want to let you know that our Q360™ support and project schedules reconcile to the financial statement Gross Profit within 4/100 of 1% of the total Gross Profit Dollars. Not too shabby. We never got anywhere near this level of precision with our former GP software.The financial statement values become “real” when they are supported by detailed schedules enumerating each victory or misstep by project and by call. This builds trust in the processes and overall automation for our users and it encourages them to drill down and find out what happened on specific projects and calls. Our former system had schedules of Projects and Calls, but it was nearly impossible to reconcile the schedules to the financial statement values for a whole host of reasons.This reconciliation element is another part of the value we are deriving from our new system. When I can get within less than $1,000 variance on a $1.8M monthly gross profit, it warms the hearts of accountants everywhere.“ “Q360 doesn’t sell software. Instead they enable you with tools to optimize your processes, while simultaneously challenging you to rethink where and how you generate your greatest returns on investment. Only those individuals who are serious about taking their organizations to the next level should consider the Q360 approach.

Eric Morris

Chief Financial Officer,

Wayne Automatic Inc.

The Solutions360 team took the time to understand my business goals and implemented the software to support my strategy. I like the ease of use and the fact I “can do what I want” with the product. The team at Solutions360 has allowed me to focus on growing my business over the course of over 10 years

Jose Fernandez


Meteor Telecommunications and SmartIP