On this edition of Clear Talk, Tofiq Indawala talks with Rick Allan, CTO at VTI Security.

VTI Security is a national systems integrator that is based in the Midwest. The company integrates security systems, camera systems and access control systems, and provides solutions to its customers.

Prior to Q360, VTI Security was using a combination of six solutions to run the business. “It was all pieced together,” says Allan. “We had to work through VARS, or resellers of the software and not directly with the manufacturers of the software, which caused a lot of aggravation and delays in getting support. What we like about 360 is the same company makes the software, installs the software and supports the software, which was a real plus for us.”

faster turnaround

The impacts of Q360 have all been positive, Allan reports. “We were able to reduce our six software systems down to one. This includes timecards, getting projects organized and completed, and our service calls issued to subcontractors and colleagues. So we were able to streamline a lot of processes in our company, which provides financial savings.”


“We’re seeing benefits on the accounting side where the information is getting into the system faster,” Allan reports. “We’re seeing live financial results of our projects, how well they’re doing, and our service invoices have reduced turnaround from several weeks to several days. So, there is a much faster turnaround.”

Q360 gives VTI Security real-time information and a much faster turnaround

“The information that we’re getting, out of the system helps us make financial decisions,” says Allan. “We’re also seeing the efficiency of our employees, making sure that they’re getting their hours in the right locations, posting them to jobs properly. It’s helping us educate our colleagues better on the use of their time and also making our record keeping more accurate.”

What advice would you have for other companies that are looking at Q360?

“The implementation process is, to me, very important. Spend the time and the resources to get it right the first time to make the software really successful.” Allan advises.

“We think that you’ve got to have people within your organization that are subject matter experts in Q360. We followed that path that Solutions360 prescribed. Getting colleagues trained early in the process and making them the subject matter experts for each department really proved a lot for us. Not only before implementation, during implementation, but even after implementation. When a colleague has a problem, they go to their subject matter expert for their department first, and if they can’t solve it, then we take it up the chain. But it’s really helped us, in doing that, to be really successful with the software,” concludes Allan.

Watch the video below for more information on how Q360 gives VTI Security real-time information for a faster turnaround.

Tofiq Indawala, Director of Professional Services at Solutions360, talks with Rick Allan, CTO at VTI Security.

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