Customers' shoes

Best practices for integrators preparing for an ERP implementation is a common topic on our blog. We focus on this topic, because almost nobody talks about ERP implementations as going smoothly.

In fact, Q360 customers widely acknowledge the importance of employee engagement and leadership buy-in for successful implementations.

But integrators are only half of the equation in an implementation – the other half is the Solutions360 team.

In this week’s video, Brad Dempsey, CEO, and Roman Burchart, VP of Operations, talk about an exciting new training program for Solutions360 employees.

Burchart comes from the integration space. He was the Chief Operation Officer at SVT, a long-time customer of Solutions360, and was project leader for their Q360 implementation. As such, Burchart has intimate knowledge of managing a growing integration business, as well as how an integrator can best leverage Solutions360 software for its individual goals.

One of the amazing things he brought to Solutions360 is a new training program for the employees.

“When I came on board, one of the things I noticed is that we have a lot of really great people with a lot of expertise in various areas of the software,” says Burchart. “And while that’s great, I think it’s more important that they really understand where our customers are coming from and what it really feels like and what they deal with on a daily basis.”

“So, what we’ve done is develop a framework of what a typical customer looks like, starting with the org chart,” Burchart reports. “Then we’ve taken various people from Solutions360 and assigned them into those roles across the organization. Now, we’re in the process of walking through what our customers actually do on a daily basis as it pertains to our software.”

By understanding what it feels like to be on the customer side of an implementation, it is making the Solution360 team better as software developers. “It’s not just about clicking buttons and developing code,” Burchart concludes.

Watch the full video to learn more, We Put Ourselves in Our Customers’ Shoes

Brad Dempsey, CEO talks with Roman Burchart, VP Operations on Solutions360’s new training program, We Put Ourselves in Our Customers’ Shoes.