In previous blog posts, we have discussed at length, the importance of employee engagement for a successful ERP implementation.

Without a doubt, it is important to get buy-in from the employees. Everyone must go in with the right attitude and the right mindset – people need to embrace change.

Furthermore, if you are not clear about articulating how the scope of an individual’s work is going to change it can present challenges for adoption. So change has to be well planned and well communicated in order for there to be a relatively smooth transition.

For a successful ERP implementation, it is important to get buy in from the employees. People need to understand why they have to change.

But the drive for change must come from the top down. Unless you have leadership buy-in, there is a good chance you will not be successful in your ERP implementation. Leadership needs to drive an ERP implementation.

leadership buy-in

Leadership buy-in is critical for a  successful ERP implementation





In this week’s video, Roman Burchart, Vice-President of Operations at Solutions360 shares insights from his unique perspective on implementations.

Roman comes from the integration space. He was originally a customer of Solutions360, and was the project leader for an ERP implementation. Now he’s on this side of the fence and shares his ideas on what he sees as necessary for a successful implementation.

“What I see, as far as having a successful ERP implementation, is you have to have buy-in from your leadership team,” says Burchart. “And I’ve seen this both as a project leader for an integrator that is going through the implementation process, as well as since I’ve joined Solutions360 and have been involved with various implementations.”

Having that leadership buy-in from the owner, from the financial stewards, and from the operational leadership is extremely important.

“It really helps to ensure that the whole team is buying in even if you have good processes in place,” says Burchart. “Having that extra push from leadership to again tell the team how important the implementation is. This is critical to successful implementation.”

For more information watch the video below:

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