Is Your Next-Generation of Leadership Ready to Lead?


Finding and retaining talent is a hot topic with systems integrators in 2019. NSCA commonly hears how many integrators are struggling with developing new leaders to better understand the business, enlarge their contribution, and add more value.

NSCA and our partners at Navigate Management Consulting have listened to this feedback – and are collaborating to bring a unique training program to the integration industry.

Next Generation Leadership Training

Next-Generation Leadership (Next Gen) Training is an intensive management development program designed to prepare intermediate and senior managers for greater responsibility and a larger role in corporate leadership. Whether your objective is to prepare for future growth, management succession, improved management capability and depth, or even part of an owner exit strategy, this program equips participants for enterprise-level leadership and cross-discipline understanding and collaboration.

Navigate Management Consulting, a recognized authority in the industry and in adult education, has developed this program specifically for the member environment and will serve as its leaders and facilitators over the intensive 3-day workshop.

next-generation leadership

The program starts with a kickoff webinar for owners and participants to introduce the program, describe its elements, and assign the preparatory readings and case studies to the participants. Participants next attend an intensive 3-day workshop for formal classroom education in business management and leadership methods.

The workshop will be highly interactive, using exercises, case studies, role plays, and other high-engagement activities to solidify the business management and leadership principles.

The program includes over 25 hours of classroom and webinar interaction, and it provides 25 RUs for CTS renewal and 25 PDUs for PMP renewal.

For more detailed information please visit: Next-Generation Leadership: Train Up Your Intermediate & Senior Managers

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