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There is no way around it. If As-A-Service wasn’t the “thing” before, 2019 is the year of As-A-Service for Managed Service Providers, UC providers and Audio Visual shops. Just last week, Arlin Sorensen, the father of MSP best practice sharing, stated in his daily email, “the days of long term contracts will likely change as the buyers become younger and more friendly to a subscription rather than longer term commitment.”

Don’t believe him? Look no further than your own technology providers. Microsoft did this ages ago with Office 365, but most recently firewalls are being pushed to you “As-A-Service”, BDRs are offered “As-A-Service” and before long, more big-ticket items like servers will be offered “As-A-Service.”

This shift is enabling Managed Service Providers to sell packages that are more inclusive of the hardware elements that were traditionally more difficult to get their customers to buy. Unfortunately, some MSPs are missing the opportunity to incorporate Hardware as a Service and sell more products, which might be hurting them more than they realize.

Hardware-as-a-Service Helps MSPs Sell More Products

Managed Service Providers who use the market shift to sell more products and standardize with a Hardware-as-a-Service model are going to win. The As-A-Service model lowers the barriers to get clients to adopt the technology that will produce a win-win relationship. Since you are already asking them to write a monthly check for support, why wouldn’t you use that opportunity to provide them a more stable and supportable environment by bundling in their firewall, BDR, devices, servers, or any other hardware you are providing?

How Financing and Hardware-as-a-Service Impacts Profitability with Product Sales

So what role does financing and GreatAmerica play in the world of product sales, standardization, and As-A-Service? A rather large one for MSPs who are in high-growth mode, in fact!

When Service Leadership reviewed performance of GreatAmerica customers, they found that as a company sells more product through a finance vehicle, the margins increase on both products and services.

Read the full story at GreatAmerica Financial – MSPs: Don’t Make This Mistake When Building Your As-A-Service Offering


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